Youtube videos are a great resource when learning to play the piano and can be a useful supplement to regular piano lessons. Many of them are made with the camera positioned above the keyboard so that you can see the pianists hands clearly, some also use virtual keyboards  which highlight the notes being played and many of them play the pieces at the correct tempo and then at a slower tempo making it easier to follow. There are so many piano lesson videos on Youtube that it is hard to know where to begin so I've picked a selection which I consider to be of a high quality and will be of the most use to students. The first two videos above from Pianist magazine in association with Roland demonstrate correct seating, posture and hand position. Please scroll down to see many more piano lesson videos.

This next video from E how explains the geography of the piano keyboard and explains how the white notes are named.


You can learn simple tunes by rote to begin with, simply watch, copy and repeat many times. At an early stage don't worry too much about learning to read sheet music, it's much more important to get playing something first although reading is an important skill which you should learn in due course. I always teach pupils to learn to play a simple tune with one hand in their first piano lesson using this method. I often use O When The Saints Go Marching In for the first tune as it can be played in just one hand position with the fingers comfortably close together. This video clearly shows how to put the right hand in the correct position and explains which fingers to play throughout the whole tune. There are pauses throughout the video for you to practise the piece in sections, you will progress quickly if you practise and master small sections rather than attempting the whole piece straight away.

Another piece that I often teach in early piano lessons is Beethoven's Ode To Joy. The right hand uses the same notes and hand position as O When The Saints'. This video demonstrates a simple arrangement played with both hands but I would recommend that you learn to play the right hand part only first.

Both O When The Saints' and Ode To Joy just used the notes CDEFG in the right hand. This next video from The Hoffman Academy shows what they look like when written in The Treble Clef. The video is aimed at young beginners but will also prove useful to older students and adults.

I like to introduce improvisation early on in piano lessons, this video demonstrates how to improvise  using an A minor blues scale.

In this one continuous video all the notes from F below Middle C to G above are  introduced in a tune which gradually evolves adding the new notes one at a time. This piano lesson also introduces time values.